When someone clicks your LinkedIn profile, one of the first things they see is your profile picture. If they haven’t met you in real life, then that’s the very first impression they’ll have of you. So is your picture doing your LinkedIn profile justice? 

As an independent consultant, you want to ensure that you have a suitable photo that reflects your unique brand. This will also contribute to solidifying your reputation. However, it’s important to note that there’s no one right way of setting up your profile picture — it’s all dependent on the kind of brand you’re trying to craft.

Although there’s no one right answer, this guide will help get you on the right track to setting up your profile so you utilise the platform to get more clients. Here are some tips on how you can pick the perfect picture for your LinkedIn profile. 


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Pick a professional headshot

The photo should ideally be like a professional headshot, including just your head and shoulders. Try and make sure your head takes up 60% of the frame and the picture is taken from straight on. That means don’t take a selfie!

Ensure it’s just you in the photo with a neutral background… it might be a social platform, but group shots don’t go down well on LinkedIn. 

You also need to pick a clear photo without flashy filters. LinkedIn does offer a few filters you can choose from, which can help craft your brand. But keep in mind that if a potential client who added you on LinkedIn was going to meet you tomorrow, would they have a clear idea of what you look like? 


Use a clear, high-resolution photo

We’ve emphasised the importance of having a clear photo, and by clear we mean high-quality! The ideal size for your profile picture is 400 x 400 pixels, but larger images (up to 8MB) will work too. 

A pixelated or blurry photo is unprofessional, and probably isn’t the kind of brand you’re trying to create for yourself as an independent consultant. You definitely don’t want to gain a reputation as a consultant who doesn’t pay attention to the details.

Look approachable

You want to give off the right first impression and come across as approachable but professional. That means making sure you’re smiling in the photo. 

You want people to think you’d be a friendly person to work with, and as a consultant, someone they can take their business issues to. Consultants need to be seen as trustworthy and likeable, so choose your picture wisely!


Make the right first impression

Your profile picture on LinkedIn is all about giving people the right first impression of you. You want to ensure that your picture not only looks like you, but also helps to reflect your brand, your unique personality and your capabilities. 

While the photo is only a small part of your brand, it’s still important to get it right. Although we’ve provided some tips on picking a suitable picture, remember that, as a consultant, there are multiple approaches you can take to set up your LinkedIn profile, so do what’s right for you. 


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